What the Bloggers and Reviewers Say:

A tense atmospheric  Psycho-Thriller - Carole Colbert at Carolesbookcorner

Its gentle pace belies the sinister undertones and menacing, macabre darkness that seeps into the story like fog. An intensely disturbing yet very engrossing tale.  Beadyjan's blogspot

Sarah Vincent writes so well and I got into this story so deeply I was actually holding my breath at various points. Bodicia - A Woman's Wisdom

Vida. Dory. Vida. Dory. Rhiannon. They were all brilliantly characterised and had very separate voices. I wanted to talk about this book having finished reading it, almost to anyone who would listen.  Cosy Dragon

A Psychological Thriller of the highest order. Delicious, descriptive writing is spellbinding. Eve Seymour at Cheltenham Standard.

Pick of the Amazon Reviews

There are fascinating glimpses into the worlds of the writer and publishing, the arcane and mysterious here, which gives this novel great depth and authenticity. Filofar

Vincent presents us with an unforgettable cast of very real (and horribly dysfunctional) characters in this masterfully written tale. Warriorcat

The tension creeps up as stealthily as the wild cat that may or may not prowl Sarah Vincent's wintry landscape. Mrs.F